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DC01 steel (1.0330 material) is a European standard cold-rolled quality low-carbon steel flat product for cold forming. In BS and DIN EN 10130 standard, it contains 5 other steel grades: DC03 (1.0347), DC04 (1.0338), DC05 (1.0312), DC06 ( 1.0873) and DC07 (1.0898), the surface quality is divided into 2 types: DC01-A and DC01-B. In addition, this steel is also used under electrogalvanizing conditions. The designation of the steel is DC01+ZE (or 1.0330+ZE), and the standard is EN 10152.

DC01 Meaning and Definition

  • D: (Drawing) flat products for cold forming
  • C: Cold rolled
  • DC01: Drawing quality
  • DC03: Deep drawing quality;
  • DC04, DC05: Special deepdrawing quality;
  • DC06: Extra deepdrawing quality;
  • DC07: Super deep drawing quality.

  • DC01-A: Allow defects that do not affect formability or surface coating, such as pores, slight dents, small marks, slight scratches, and slight coloring.
  • DC01-B: Better surfaces shall be free from defects that may affect the uniform appearance of high-quality paints or electrolytic coatings. The other surface should meet at least surface quality A.
  • DC01+ZE: Electrolytically zinc coated
  • DC01EK: Conventionally enamelled
  • DC01 steel chemical composition is listed in the following table based on ladle analysis.

    Country (Region)StandardChemical Composition (ladle analysis), %, ≤Surface qualityDeoxidationClassification
    Steel name (Steel number)CMnPS
    European UnionEN 10130DC01 (1.0330)0.120,600,0450,045A, BManufacturer’s discretionNon-alloy quality steel
    EN 10152DC01+ZE (1.0330+ZE)A, B
    EN 10139DC01-C390, C340, C440, C490, C590, C690


    • EN 10130 – Cold rolled low carbon steel flat products;
    • EN 10152 – Electrolytically zinc coated cold rolled steel flat products.
    • EN 10139 – Cold rolled uncoated low carbon steel narrow strip.

    DC01+ZE Steel Mechanical Properties

    The table below lists DC01+ZE steel mechanical properties.

  • Mechanical properties, Part-1
    Country (Region)StandardSteel name (Steel number)Yield strength (MPa), 0.2 % offsetTensile strength (MPa)Elongation, ≥ %Surface qualityAbsence of stretcher strain marks
    European UnionEN 10130DC01 (1.0330)140 (assumed) -280270-41028A, B
    EN 10152DC01+ZE (1.0330+ZE)3 months


    • Yield strength: When the thickness is ≤0.7 mm but >0.5 mm, the yield strength value should be increased by 20 MPa. For thicknesses ≤0.5 mm, the value should be increased by 40 MPa.
    • Elongation: When the thickness is ≤0.7 mm but >0.5 mm, the minimum value of elongation should be reduced by 2 units. For thicknesses ≤0.5 mm, the minimum value shall be reduced by 4 units.

      Mechanical properties, Part-2
      StandardDesignationDelivery conditionSymbolYield strength (MPa), 0.2 % offsetTensile strength (MPa)Elongation, A80, ≥ %Elongation, A50, ≥ %Hardness, HVValidity of the mechanical properties
      EN 10139DC01 (1.0330)AnnealedA270 – 3902830≤ 1053 months
      Skin passedLC≤ 280270 – 4102830≤ 115
      Work hardenedC290200 – 380290 – 430182095-125
      C340≥ 250340 – 490Not requiredNot required105-155
      C390≥ 310390 – 540117-172
      C440≥ 360440 – 590135-185
      C490≥ 420490 – 640155-200
      C590≥ 520590 – 740185-225
      C690≥ 630≥ 690≥ 215

      Electrolytic Zinc Coatings

      Coating DesignationNominal zinc coating values for each surfaceMinimum zinc coating values for each surface
      Thickness, µmMass, g/m²Thickness, µmMass, g/m²
    • DC01+ZE Steel Mass and Density

    • DC01+ZE steel mass shall be calculated based on the density of steel 7.85 kg/dm³ and the density of zinc coating 7.1 kg/dm³.

    • Applications

    • The main application areas of the DC01 material include: automotive industry, construction industry, electronic equipment and home appliance industry, decorative purposes, food canning, etc.

    • DC01 Steel Equivalent Material

    • Material 1.0330, DC01 steel equivalent to ASTM, ISO, European (German DIN, British BSI, France NF), Japanese JIS and Chinese GB standard (for reference).

    • Note: DIN 1623 has been replaced by DIN EN 10130, and the designation ST12 has been replaced by DC01.

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