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Diamond aluminium tread plate or floor plate is widely used for a variety of structural, architectural and cosmetic applications. A method has been developed to roll metal plates with an upraised "lug" pattern, providing the customer with several choices to best meet the needs of the project, with specific qualities of cleanability, impact resistance, support strength, and corrosion resistance

.063 3003 H22 Aluminum Diamond Tread Sheet, 12″ x 36″ Brite Finish, which are embossed aluminum sheet by roller. Diamond plate, also known as checker plate, tread plate and Durbar floor plate, is a type of metal stock with a regular pattern of raised diamonds or lines on one side, with the reverse side being featureless.
3003 Brushed aluminium 

100-3003-5051-Aluminum Diamond Tread Sheet

Alloy: 3003
Temper: H16,H18
Color:RAL Color,Silver ,Golden,Bronze,Black,Pink,Red,green,stainless steel color
Brushed:Double side finished
Surface grain: straight grain , Nakanaga grain, short grain , cross pattern grain
Protection of surface: with film or not,according to your requirement
Packing Details: Strong timber pallet seaworthy packing according to ISPM 15
Delivery detail: about 15 days after receiving the deposit
Note: film shelf life of Surface protective is 6 months, deposit,stock requirements: dry and ventilated, avoid heat and direct sunlight. If in the high temperature, sunshine point-blank environment, will be residue or unable to tear in addition to the phenomenon

of Aluminum Diamond Tread Sheet

1. Range hood and flue gas turbine
2. Air-condition
3. Water heater and calorifier
4. Switch and on-off
5. Electronic hardware
6. Lamps and lanterns
7. Aluminium composite panel
8. Household and domestic appliances
9. Mobile phone shell
10. Aluminum frame
11. Fine ambry
12. Laminated board
13. Sign and name plate
14. Luggage,cases and suitcases
15. Fire-proof plate
16. Computer panel
17. Car decoration panel


1. Super strong metallic,rich color,fashionable and upscale
2. Can be directly stamping forming,and the bending parts resistant to burst
3. Laundering durability, scratch resistant
4. Anti-static electricity,no aspiration,easy to clean

3003 H22 Diamond Tread Plate – This has the same properties as the standard 3003 aluminum with the raised tread pattern to improve traction. This is very commonly used for tool boxes, wall panels, flooring, truck bed liners and trim, garage and workshop outfitting, step plates and any other application that needs the light weight and strength of 3003 aluminum with increased traction of the raised tread pattern.

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3000 series Aluminum Diamond Tread Sheet is aluminium manganese alloy, and its manganese composition is about 1.0-1.5%. Aluminium 3000 series has the best anti-rust function. Thus, this kind of common aluminum alloys is conventionally used in air conditioning, refrigerator, car bottom and other humid environment. Its price is higher than 1000 series aluminum. What’s more, 3000 series aluminum can not be heat-treated and strengthened, but can be strengthened by cold rolling mill process.
The representative products of this common aluminum alloys are 3003, 3A21, 3004, 3015 and so on. Aluminum alloy 3003 has high plasticity and excellent weldability. 3003 aluminum can be used to make various liquids or gas containers, such as oil tanks, gasoline or lubricating oil pipes and so on.

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