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Alumina sheets or anodized aluminum sheets are widely used in aerospace, military and electronic industries, mainly due to their excellent physical and chemical properties.

Anodized Aluminum sheets for laser engraving is an anodzed aluminm plate which is a special metal product made through electrochemical reaction.

During the production process, the aluminum sheet is placed in the corresponding electrolyte (such as sulfuric acid, chromic acid, oxalic acid, etc.) as an anode, and electrolysis is performed under specific conditions and the action of external current.

Anodized aluminum sheets also have the characteristics of good processability, weather resistance, strong metallic feel, strong stain resistance and strong applicability.

It is easy to bend and form and perform high-speed stamping, and can be directly processed into products, which greatly reduces the product production cycle and cost

Grade1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 5050, 5052
Surface finishColor AnodizedReflective Mirror(Powder) CoatedBrushed (Anodized)Sandblasted (Anodized)
ColorEcru, Black, Blue, Gold, Sliver, Red, Rose-gold, custom
Sheet Size(mm)330*625, 610*406, 1220*2440, Custmized
Thickness(mm)0.3-10mm, standard: 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm, etc
Anodized aluminum sheets

What are the specific applications of anodized aluminum sheets in aerospace, military and electronic industries?

Alumina sheets or anodized aluminum plates are widely used in aerospace, military and electronic industries, mainly due to their excellent physical and chemical properties.

In the aerospace field, anodized aluminum plate or alumina plates are often used as materials for key components due to their low density, high strength, and strong corrosion resistance.

For example, it can be used to manufacture aircraft skins, parts and interiors, as well as structural parts and thermal protection layers for spacecraft.

At the same time, the high thermal conductivity of alumina plates also makes it an ideal material for heat dissipation of electronic devices, such as heat sinks and heat towers and other thermal management devices, which is crucial to ensuring the stable operation of aerospace equipment.

In the military industry, anodized aluminum plate are widely used due to their excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. It can not only be used to manufacture structural parts and components of various military equipment, but can also be used as a protective coating to improve the durability and service life of the equipment.

In addition, alumina plates are also used in military communications and electronic equipment, such as as substrates for electronic components to improve the performance and stability of the equipment.

In the electronics industry, alumina plates are also widely used. Its good insulation properties and thermal stability make it an ideal choice for manufacturing electronic ceramics, electronic components and electronic packaging materials.

For example, alumina ceramics can be used to make high-purity insulators for high-voltage lines and power systems; alumina circuit boards are an important carrier of electronic components and are widely used in various electronic equipment. In addition, the high thermal conductivity of alumina plates also allows them to play an important role in heat dissipation of electronic equipment.

We company RAYIWELL or RuiYi aluminum or Top Metal Materials also supply Oxidized pad printing plate, also often called aluminum oxide pad printing plate or anodized aluminum pad printing plate, is a special pad printing material.

Pad printing is a printing technology that uses steel plates (including stainless steel plates, zinc plates, copper plates, etc.) or pad printing pads to transfer the ink on the gravure plate to the substrate to complete the printing of patterns or text.

Alumina pad printing plates have many advantages, such as:

High wear resistance: Due to the high hardness of aluminum oxide, the pad printing plate is able to resist wear during the printing process, thereby maintaining the clarity and consistency of the printed pattern.

High corrosion resistance: Aluminum oxide material has excellent chemical stability and can resist erosion by a variety of chemical substances, ensuring that the pad printing plate can maintain its performance in a variety of environments.

Excellent thermal conductivity: Alumina pad printing plates can quickly disperse and remove heat, reducing printing quality problems caused by heat accumulation.

Precise pattern reproduction: Due to the hardness and smoothness of aluminum oxide, it enables precise pattern transfer, ensuring printing quality.

Good ink adhesion: The surface of the alumina pad printing plate can evenly absorb ink, making the printed pattern full and uniform in color.

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