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Aluminum Tread Plate is widely used in transportation, construction, decoration, bottom plates around equipment, machinery, shipbuilding.

Aluminum Tread Plate is an aluminum plate with various patterns on the surface.

It is widely used in transportation, construction, decoration, bottom plates around equipment, machinery, shipbuilding and other fields because of its many advantages such as appearance, anti-skid, enhanced performance, and steel saving.

There are various styles and classifications of aluminum tread plate, including millet patterned aluminum plates, two-ribbed aluminum plates, three-ribbed aluminum plates, five-ribbed aluminum plates, diamond aluminum plates, lentil-shaped patterned aluminum plates, etc.

In addition, aluminum tread plate can also be divided into ordinary aluminum alloy patterned plates and aluminum-magnesium alloy patterned plates according to different materials. Ordinary aluminum alloy pattern plates are processed with 1060 aluminum plates as the base.

They can adapt to normal environments and are cheap. They are usually used in cold storage, floors, outer packaging and other places. Aluminum-magnesium alloy pattern plates are made from 5000 series aluminum plates such as 5052 or 5083.

They have good corrosion resistance, hardness and anti-rust properties. They are usually used in special environments, such as ships, carriage lights, humid environments, etc. .

The thickness of the aluminum tread plate is also one of its important parameters. The commonly used thicknesses on the market range from 2.0-8mm, and the common widths are 1250 and 1500mm.

The quality of Checkered aluminum plates is mainly reflected in the pattern formation rate, pattern height, pattern height difference, etc. Users can choose different patterned aluminum plate types and quality levels according to actual needs.

Aluminum tread plate

3003 aluminum tread plate and 5052 aluminum tread plate are both aluminum plates with specific patterns, each with unique characteristics and application scenarios.

The main component of 3003 aluminum tread plate is aluminum, with a small amount of copper and manganese added. This allows the 3003 aluminum plate to show a certain strength and hardness in terms of mechanical properties.

However, compared with 5052 aluminum plate, the corrosion resistance and high strength of 3003 aluminum plate may be slightly inferior.

In terms of surface treatment, 3003 checkered aluminum plates usually use processes such as mechanical polishing and chemical washing.

In addition, the price of 3003 aluminum plate is slightly higher than that of pure aluminum plate, but it is relatively low, so it is more suitable for areas that do not have high requirements on product appearance, such as aluminum products, insulation materials, building decoration, etc.

5052 aluminum tread plate is an aluminum-magnesium alloy. The main alloying element is magnesium, and a small amount of chromium is also added. This gives the 5052 pattern aluminum plate better corrosion resistance and high strength.

In terms of mechanical properties, the strength and hardness of 5052 aluminum plate are higher than that of 3003 pattern aluminum plate, and it has better plasticity and toughness, which can better adapt to complex processing technology.

In terms of surface treatment, 5052 aluminum plates usually use anodizing, sandblasting and other processes.

In addition, the price of 5052 pattern aluminum plate is significantly higher than that of 3003 pattern aluminum plate, so it is more suitable for areas with higher appearance requirements, such as automobiles, aircraft, ships, etc.

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5000 series: 5005,5052,5454,5754,5083,5086,5182,5082, etc.

6000 series:6061,6063,6262,6101, etc

7000 series:7072,7075,7003 etc

8000 series: 8011, etc.

Temper of aluminum sheet: O, H, W, F, T

H:H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H32, H34, H111, H112, H114, H116

T: T0-T651

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