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PPGI coil or prepainted Galvanized steel coil is a highly popular material used for roofing sheets, wall panels, furniture, home appliances, automobile components, and more.

Prepainted galvanized steel coil | PPGI use hot-dip galvanized sheets, hot-dip galvalume sheets, electro-galvanized sheets, etc. as substrates.

After surface pretreatment (chemical degreasing and chemical conversion treatment), one or several layers of organic coatings are coated on the surface, and then A product that is baked and solidified.

Colored steel coils are named after being coated with organic coatings of various colors, referred to as color-coated coils.

PPGI coil is short for prepainted galvanized steel coil. It is a kind of color-coated steel, which uses hot-dip galvanized steel or electro-galvanized steel (zinc coating) as substrate and is coated with several layers of organic coatings to protect it from rusting.

Except for the PPGI steel coil, Suzhou Top Metal Materials / RAYIWELL MFG also has color coated coil using galvalume steel (PPGL) and hot or cold rolled steel as the base metal

Galvanized Steel Coils is specially designed steel sheets that are employed in several furbishing and manufacturing purposes. Steel coils are thin sheets that can be rolled up into incessant coils.

The galvanized coil is employed outdoor, as it shows anti rusting tendencies. Most significantly, it is used in constructing strong roofing system.

We also serves its customers with a collection of galvanized steel coils. Our galvanized steel coils are offer in different measurements.

We noteworthy range of galvanized steel coils includes hot dipped, aluminum, GL, and galvanized roofing sheet. We reassure our customers with highest quality of steel sheets and coils.

Prepainted galvanized steel coil sheet is made of electro-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized steel as substrates. After pretreatment (degreasing and chemical treatment), one or more layers of coatings are continuously applied to the surface of the base metal by coil coating and then baked.

It includes base metal (cold rolled steel), zinc coating, chemical conversion coating, primer coating, and top coating.

SubstrateGalvanized steel
Thickness0.15 mm-1.2 mm
Width600 mm-1,250 mm
Stock Width914mm, 1,200mm, 1,219mm, 1,250 mm, etc.
Coil Weight3-8 tons (can be customized)
Painting TypesPE, SMP, HDP, PVDF
Painting ThicknessTop: 11-35 μm    Back: 5-14 μm
Zinc Coating Thickness15-275 g/㎡
ColorsAs per RAL Color (custom patterns are available)
PackageStandard export package or as per your requirements
The application of PPGI or prepainted Galvanized steel coil

OutsideWorkshop, agricultural warehouse, corrugated roof, roller shutter door, drainage pipe
InsideDoor, doorcase, light steel roof structure, folding screen
Electrical ApplianceRefrigerator, washer, switch cabinet, instrument cabinet, air condition
FurnitureCentral heating slice, lampshade, chifforobe, desk, bed, locker, bookshelf
Carrying TradeExterior decoration of auto and train, clapboard, container
OthersWriting panel, garbage can, billboard, timekeeper, typewriter, instrument panel
Galvanized steel coil

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