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Aircraft aluminum sheet Aerospace aluminum plate

Place of Origin: China



Available aluminum sheet grade

1000 series:1050,1060,1070,1080,1100,1145,1200,1235, etc.

2000 series:2014,2017,2018,2024,2025,2219, 2219,2618a etc.

3000 series:3003,3004,3102,3104,3105,3005, etc.

4000 series:4032,4043, 4017, etc

5000 series: 5005,5052,5454,5754,5083,5086,5182,5082, etc.

6000 series:6061,6063,6262,6101, etc

7000 series:7072,7075,7003 etc

8000 series: 8011, etc.

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 5 TON

Shipping Terms:FOB, CNF, CIF

Packaging Details: Standard package

Delivery Time: 35days

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 500Ton per month

Aluminum Sheet or aluminum Plate is available in various alloys offering a range of weldability, corrosion resistance and machinability.

Aluminum sheet is any aluminum sheet metal thicker than foil but thinner than 6mm; it comes in many forms including diamond plate, expanded, perforated and painted aluminum sheet. Aluminum plate is any aluminum sheet metal that is thicker than 6mm

Aeronautical aluminum alloys are the backbone material for the manufacture of aircraft and aerospace vehicles

Aluminum is one of the most common metals used in the construction of aircraft parts. One of the most common metals on Earth, aluminum's strength, light weight, and corrosion resistance make it ideal for numerous aerospace applications. Fuselage skins, fuel tanks, engine turbines, cockpit instrumentation, doors, and seat frames are a few of the aluminum parts you'll find on modern aircraft.

Most of the aluminum used in aircraft manufacturing are alloys, aluminum mixed with other materials. Alloying materials include copper, manganese, magnesium, silicon, zinc, and chromium.

2024 is the most widely used aluminum alloy for aircraft with excellent fatigue resistance and high tensile strength. 2024 is used for a plane's fuselage and wings.

3003 is one of the most widely used aluminum alloys because of its great strength and great workability,

5052 has excellent corrosion resistance (especially to saltwater) and is commonly used to make fuel tanks. It's highly ductile and can be easily formed into a variety of shapes. 

6061 is corrosion-resistant, very light, and fairly strong, making it ideal for fuselage and wings. 

7050 is more resistant to fractures than other allow and is commonly used in military aircraft

7075 is another alloy commonly used in aircraft construction; it has excellent fatigue resistance and can be machined easily.

Temper of aluminum sheet: O, H, W, F, T

H:H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H32, H34, H111, H112, H114, H116

T: T0-T651

Size of aluminum sheet




Mother coil: CC or DC

Weight: About 2mt per pallet for general size

MOQ: 5ton per size

Protection: paper inter layer, white film, blue film, black-white film, micro bound film, according to your requirement.

Surface: clean and smooth, no bright speck, corrosion, oil, slotted, etc.

Standard product: GBT3880, JIS4000, EN485, ASTM-B209

Application of aluminum sheet 
Aluminum sheet is used in construction material and building material. Including: roof panel, ceiling, in-wall, partition wall, shutters, window blind, gate,
balcony, wall, road marking, street signs, road protecting plate, highway protecting plate, bridge carrier wall, scaffold, ship plate, etc.
Aluminum sheet is used in electric machine components. Including: protective plate, protective box, capacitor box, tank of power capacitor, electrolytic condenser, variable
of battery, volume shaft, loudspeaker framework, switch plate, semi-conductor radiator, magnetic disk, motor frame, fan blade, electric cooker, cooling fin, heat sink, etc

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