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détails du produit SAE 1008 SPCC Bobines de feuillards d'acier laminés à froid durs

Lieu d'origine : Chine


Attestation :ISO

Standard: JIS, ASTM, EN10130

Grade: SPCC, SPCD, ST12, ST13, ST14/16, DC01, DC02, DC03, DC04, DC05, DC06, Q195, Q195L, SAE1008, SAE1006

Épaisseur: 0.12-5.0mm Largeur:15-1500mm. ID bobine : 508MM ou 610MM

Poids de la bobine : 3-6 tonnes

MOQ : 25 tonnes


DC01 is cold continuous rolled low carbon steel plate and steel strip. European standard Grade DC01 Cold rolled steel strip is similare as Japanese standard SPCC and DIN standard ST12.Dc01 is a European standard, using Baosteel enterprise standard Q/BQB402 or EU standard EN10130, which is equivalent to the cold-rolled plate of 10 steel in GB699 high-quality carbon structural steel, with a carbon content of about 0.10%.

SPCC ,S mean for steel, P mean for plate, C means for cold rolled,C mean for common. Heat treatment condition: A-annealing  S-annealing +smooth, 8-(1/8) hardness,4-(1/4) hardness, 2-(1/2) hardness 1-hardness. Tensile ductility level:ZF-For the most complex parts of coining the drawingHF-Used to punch the drawing parts is very complexF-Used to punch the drawing complex parts For the SPCC steel sheet and steel strip specification lists, the thickness from 0.3-3.5 mm and width from 120-1850mm are all available by our company. For the length, we can offer as your requirements.  SPCC steel has Smooth surface, good processing, it mainly used in cars, refrigerators, washing machines and other electrical appliances, and industrial equipment.The more information of SPCC steel shown in the following table SPCC Chemical composition

Norme : JIS, ASTM, EN10130

Catégorie : SPCC, SPCD, ST12, ST13, ST14/16, DC01, DC02, DC03, DC04, DC05, DC06, Q195, Q195L, SAE1008, SAE1006

brillance / finition noire douce, dure, acier inoxydable travaillé Bande / Bandes d'acier laminées à froid :
Max. Largeur (bord de moulin): 720 mm
Min. Largeur (bord fendu) : 39 mm
Max. Épaisseur : 2,0 mm
Min. Épaisseur : 0,3 mm
Diamètre intérieur : 400 mm ou 508 mm                              
Diamètre extérieur : 850~1500mm
Forme de surface recuite : brillance et finition de surface noire

SAE 1008 Cold Rolled Carbon Steel Coils with full hard are mainly used in automobile, printed metal pail, building, building materials, and bicycle, etc. Additionally, it is the best material to manufacture organic coated strip

crc bande d'acier laminée à froid.jpg

Composition chimique

La composition chimique de l'acier DC01 est répertoriée dans le tableau suivant sur la base d'une analyse en poche.

Pays (Région)StandardComposition chimique (analyse en poche), %, ≤Qualité de surfaceDésoxydationClassification
Nom de l'acier (numéro de l'acier)CMnPS
Union européenneEN 10130DC01 (1.0330)0.120,600,0450,045UN BLa discrétion du fabricantAcier de qualité non allié
EN 10152DC01+ZE (1.0330+ZE)UN B
EN 10139DC01-C390, C340, C440, C490, C590, C690


  • EN 10130 – Produits plats laminés à froid en acier à faible teneur en carbone ;
  • EN 10152 – Produits plats en acier laminés à froid électrolytiquement zingués.
  • EN 10139 – Bandes étroites en acier à bas carbone non revêtues laminées à froid.
  • Les bobines d'acier laminées à froid sont largement appliquées aux automobiles, aux appareils électriques, aux équipements de bureau en acier, aux conteneurs et à de nombreux autres produits étroitement liés à la vie quotidienne.
JIS G3141 Composition chimique
Qualité matérielleComposition chimique %
pour toutes les nuances d'acier, lorsque C≤0.01, Alt≥0.015
Propriété mécanique JIS G3141
Nuance d'acierEssai de tractionr90n90
Limite d'élasticité/MPaRésistance à la traction /MPaAllongement après rupture b(L0=50mm, b=25mm)/%
0.5~1.0mm1.0~2.0mmpas moins que
Cold rolled steel is often used in applications where accuracy and surface finish are important. DC01 is a cold forming steel mainly used in the manufacturing of parts in the automotive, electrical appliances and electronics industries. Compared with other steel materials, DC01 has higher strength, hardness and fatigue resistance, as well as good plasticity and toughness. These characteristics make DC01 a high-quality, cost-effective steel material.
DC01 is widely used in automobile manufacturing, mainly in the manufacturing of automobile chassis, suspension systems, braking systems, seat supports and other parts. Due to its excellent performance characteristics, it can improve the reliability, safety and comfort of automobiles.
DC01 is also widely used in electrical appliance manufacturing, such as household appliances, communication equipment and electronic products, etc.
Due to its good mechanical properties and processing properties, DC01 is mainly used to manufacture various brackets, shells, structural parts and other key parts.
In air conditioner manufacturing, DC01 can be used to manufacture key components such as refrigerant supports and air duct fixings, improving the service life and stability of air conditioners.