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Galvalume steel coil is a common metal surface treatment technology, also known as galvanized aluminum. It is the plating of two metal materials, aluminum and zinc, on another metal surface for protection and aesthetics. Galvalume steel coil can effectively prevent corrosion and oxidation of the metal surface and prolong its service life. Both aluminum and zinc have good corrosion resistance, so galvalume-coated products have strong weather resistance in outdoor environments. The process of galvalume usually involves immersing the metal article in a solution containing aluminum and zinc, and the aluminum and zinc ions are deposited on the metal surface through an electrochemical reaction to form a thin film. This film can provide good protective and decorative effects. Galvalume is widely used in construction, automobile, electronics, home appliances and other fields. In the field of construction, galvanized steel sheets are often used on roofs, walls and other parts to provide anti-corrosion and decorative effects. In the automotive field, galvalume parts can increase their durability and aesthetics

Product Name Galvanzied Steel Coil,Galvalume Steel Coil,Zinc,Aluzinc,GI,GL,HDGI,HDGL
Standard EN10147, EN10142, DIN 17162, JIS G3302, ASTM A653
Steel Grade Dx51D, Dx52D, Dx53D, DX54D, S220GD, S250GD, S280GD, S350GD, S350GD,  S550GD; SGCC, SGHC, SGCH, SGH340, SGH400, SGH440, SGH490,SGH540, SGCD1, SGCD2, SGCD3, SGC340, SGC340 , SGC490, SGC570; SQ CR22 (230), SQ CR22 (255), SQ CR40 (275), SQ CR50 (340), SQ CR80(550), CQ, FS, DDS, EDDS, SQ CR33 (230), SQ CR37 (255), SQCR40 (275), SQ CR50 (340), SQ CR80 (550); or As Requirement
Type Coil/Sheet/Plate/Strip
Material CGCC/SGCH/G350/G450/G550/DX51D/DX52D/DX53D
Thickness 0.12mm-4.0mm or 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm
Width 600mm-1500mm or 914mm/1000mm/1200mm/1219mm/1220mm
Zinc Coating Z30g/m2-Z350g/m2
Surface Structure Normal spangle coating(NS), minimized spangle coating(MS), spangle-free(FS)
Coil Weight 3 Tons -8Tons
Coil ID 508mm/610mm

Galvalume cold rolled sheets and aluzinc coils are a type of steel product that is coated with a combination of aluminum and zinc. This coating provides excellent corrosion resistance and durability, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Galvalume cold rolled sheets and aluzinc steel coils are a type of steel product that is coated with a combination of aluminum and zinc. This coating provides excellent corrosion resistance and durability, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

The galvalume coating is applied to the steel through a continuous hot-dip process, which ensures a uniform and tightly bonded coating. This coating not only protects the steel from rust and corrosion but also provides a smooth and attractive finish.

Galvalume cold rolled sheets and coils are commonly used in the construction industry for roofing, siding, and other architectural applications. They are also used in the manufacturing of appliances, automotive parts, and various other products that require a high level of corrosion resistance.

These sheets and coils are available in various thicknesses, widths, and lengths to suit different requirements. They can be easily formed, cut, and welded, making them versatile and easy to work with.

Overall, galvalume cold rolled sheets and coils offer a cost-effective and durable solution for applications that require excellent corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal.

The surface of the galvanized steel plate has a unique smooth, flat and gorgeous star flower, and the base color is silvery white. The special coating structure makes it have excellent corrosion resistance. The normal service life of the galvanized sheet can reach 25a, the heat resistance is very good, and it can be used in a high temperature environment of 315°C; the adhesion between the coating and the paint film is good, and it has good processing performance, and can be stamped, cut, welded, etc.; The surface conducts electricity very well.

The coating composition is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon respectively by weight. The production process of galvanized steel sheet is similar to that of galvanized steel sheet and aluminum-coated sheet, and it is a continuous fusion coating process. Galvalume-coated steel sheets with 55% Al-Zn alloy coating have superior corrosion resistance compared to galvanized steel sheets of the same thickness when both sides are exposed to the same environment. The 55% aluminum-zinc alloy coated galvanized steel sheet not only has good corrosion resistance, but also color-coated products have excellent adhesion and flexibility.

1. Heat reflectivity:
The heat reflectance of galvanized steel sheet is very high, which is twice that of galvanized steel sheet, and people often use it as a heat insulation material.
2. Heat resistance:
Aluminum-zinc alloy steel plate has good heat resistance and can withstand high temperature of more than 300 degrees Celsius. It is very similar to the high-temperature oxidation resistance of aluminum-plated steel plate. It is often used in chimney pipes, ovens, illuminators and fluorescent lamp shades. Corrosion resistance:
The corrosion resistance of galvalume steel coil is mainly due to the protective function of aluminum. When the zinc is worn away, the aluminum forms a dense layer of aluminum oxide, which prevents the corrosion-resistant substances from further corroding the interior.
3. Economy:
Because the density of 55% AL-Zn is smaller than that of Zn, the area of ​​galvanized steel sheet is more than 3% larger than that of galvanized steel sheet when the weight is the same and the thickness of the gold plating layer is the same.

4. Easy to paint

There is excellent adhesion between the galvanized sheet and the paint, and it can be painted without pretreatment and weathering.
The gold-plated layer of galvanized steel sheet has excellent paint adhesion, so it can be directly coated on advertising boards and general-purpose boards without pre-treatment such as weathering.
5. The galvanized steel plate has a gorgeous silver-white surface.
6. The processing performance and spraying performance of galvanized steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet are similar.

The difference between the galvanized sheet and the galvanized sheet is mainly the difference in the coating layer. The surface of the galvanized sheet is evenly distributed with a layer of zinc material, which acts as an anodic protection for the base material, that is, an alternative corrosion protection for the zinc material. Without the use of the base metal, only when the zinc is completely corroded can the base metal inside be damaged.

galvalume steel coil
Galvalume steel coil

Application of Galvalume steel coil

Construction: roofs, walls, garages, acoustic walls, pipes and prefabricated houses, etc.
Automotive: mufflers, exhaust pipes, wiper accessories, fuel tanks, truck boxes, etc.
Home appliances: refrigerator back panel, gas stove, air conditioner, electronic microwave oven, LCD frame, CRT explosion-proof belt, LED backlight, electrical cabinet, etc. Agricultural use: pig house, chicken house, granary, greenhouse pipes, etc.
Others: heat insulation cover, heat exchanger, dryer, water heater, etc.

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